In English

STYL is a national association established in 1973 and has a membership currently covering all major companies manufacturing, importing and distributing PPE and other safety or well-being equipment in Finland. Our name in English is Finnish Work Safety Association

STYL is a member of the European umbrella organisation ESF. Our representative is Mr. Esa Kivisoja.

STYL aims to improve safety at work through high quality trainings and products through competent sales personnel. 
STYL organizes alone or together with others different on-site and/or web-based trainings to achieve this target. We represent the interest of the trade toward authorities, notified bodies and other relevant organizations. 
STYL follows closely and influences the development of legislation, standards and market surveillance.

More than 300 professionals at your service

STYL member companies offer personal protective equipment, technical equipment, as well as education and training in occupational safety and health.

STYL member companies' selection includes almost all the products and services required for the purpose of improving occupational safety and health. The best professionals in the field are at your service.

Policy principles for STYL and its membership

  • To maintain high professional competence and expertise in each specific field.
  • To comply with the spirit and letter of EU regulations.
  • To observe the Code of Good Trading Practice, including competition situations.
  • To maintain good relations with our competitors and the authorities.
  • To participate actively to promote our Association's activities in national and European issues.
  • To act as an example for others.

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